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Cancun, Mexico - Sat, 23 July 2016
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At Premier Cancun Vacations our goal is to give you the most memorable vacation experience. We are a company committed to quality and for that reason your opinion really matters. Please write about your vacation by filling out the format below.

"Loved it! Would recommend this to anyone, Beautiful hotel, and incredible white sandy beaches with Crystal Clear Water. Great time at an affordable price for my family, can’t wait to return".

Tell us about your experience...

Gloria & Steve Robinson
Mc Connellsburg, PA, USA

"It was amazing! So much fun for a low price, it was a great experience. Thank You!!."

Amber Hittle
Corinth, Texas, USA

"Our week at Laguna Suites Golf and Spa was absolutely amazing. The location is serene and lovely, the staff were attentive, kind and very friendly to our kids (of all ages . . . 13-24), the food was delicious, drinks creative and the access to the other three hotels (Ocean, Sunset Lagoon and Sunset Royal) provided exactly the right amount of beach volleyball, ocean wave jumping and meal variety to complement the peaceful Laguna Suites location.  It truly was the most fun, exotic and beautiful week of vacation we have ever had. Thanks again!"

Brenda Wollenberg LANGLEY,
British Colombia, Canada


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